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Family Hospice Care

Family hospice care is not only for the hospice patient, but support and help extends to the family as well. Hospice of the South Coast in San Diego is committed to providing the highest quality of comprehensive family hospice care not only our patients, but to the families of our patients. Hospice of the South Coast staff provide support, education, counseling, and, caregiver relief to family members through family hospice care. Caring for a family member who is receiving hospice services for a terminal illness can be very stressful and challenging. Hospice of the South Coast is dedicated to providing the family members of our patients within San Diego county as many resources and as much support as possible. The goal of Hospice of the South Coast is to assist and support family members in the task of caring for their loved one. Included in the nurse visit will be family hospice care for education on medication, disease processes, and coordination of care with the physician. Our hospice aides provide assistance with caregiving tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming if the patient needs or desires. Our social workers provide resources and supportive counseling to patients and families as they navigate the challenging waters associated with end of life care. With family hospice care, our spiritual counselors provide spiritual support and resources to our patients and families. Hospice of the South Coast has volunteers throughout San Diego county who provide periods of respite for our families by sitting with the patient and
offering socialization and companionship.


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