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Grief Counseling

It is not easy to overcome the loss of someone who is dear to you. Some people need healing spiritually and emotionally in order to overcome the loss of their loved ones. Personal healing varies in each individual, everyone has a different experience grieving the loss of a loved one. As part of our grief counseling services, we begin by identifying the grieving stage in which the individual is currently in and help them to identify their strengths which are needed to begin their healing process.

When people are grieving and are unable to come out of their grievance, they often wonder about joining support groups for assistance. Some people take a break from their daily routine to directly face their grief. Given that many people find different ways to cope with their loss, we cannot suggest the same solution to all.

At Hospice of the South Coast, we offer you the opportunity to speak with a counselor.

As you speak with our experienced counselor, you will learn more about the strengths you have to cope with your grief and also know the way you can develop potentially.

  • We provide 13 months of bereavement support to families.

It is our constant endeavor to help the families of the deceased to cope and heal after their loss.


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