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Medical Director / Physician

Every hospice has a care team to take care of each patient and these care team members comprise of multiple professionals from different disciplines who help plan and manage the entire care for the patient. The most important role in any care team is that of the hospice medical director and physician. It is the responsibility of the hospice medical director to provide their patients with the utmost care and comfort. In simple words, the role of the hospice medical director is pivotal at the most.

What do we do?

Our medical directors are experts in their field who work on:

  1. Creating a comprehensive care plan for patients and making sure that the plan is well versed and available with every member in the care team from nurses to patient’s family. The care plan is also created to include the symptom and pain management components and also the medications and treatment plan which needs be followed as per the needs of the patient.
  2. Providing the certification to the patient on their terminal illness which is a basic requirement for opting hospice care. There will also be re-certifications which have to be done only by the medical director.
  3. Honoring the wishes and comfort of the patient ensuring that their comfort is of utmost priority. In cases where a patient is not in the condition to communicate, the medical director will check with the family on the treatment and possible course to be taken.

Our hospice medical directors provide a quality assessment based on accurate data.


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