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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is as valuable to a person’s comfort, in the same aspect medication and treatment are to them. It is important that your loved ones have modernized and durable medical equipment throughout the duration of their medical treatment. Hospice of the South Coast offers you 100% efficient and high quality medical equipment that is necessary for patients while they are under our care.

As part of our medical equipment we provide:

  • Oxygen equipment
  • Monitors for blood pressure
  • Walkers and wheelchairs
  • Shower chairs and overbed tables
  • Bedside commodes

Our supplies include all of the above and vastly more.

It is important for people to have proper functioning medical equipment during hospice care; whether they are at home or at a nursing facility.

When a person is enrolled in hospice, a registered nurse will come and evaluate their medical equipment and determine what is needed for taking proper care of them. Once the evaluation is complete, the nurse will then order the necessary equipment needed for their patient and have the equipment delivered to the location where hospice care is taking place. Our staff will continuously monitor the usage of the medical equipment and supplies; ensuring you will never fall short of anything at any point in time. Our team works closely with the physicians attending to our patients, so we are always aware of any changes that are necessary to the existing equipment.


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