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Medications for Symptom and Pain Management

It is our constant objective to keep all our patients comfortable and manage any end of life symptoms ensuring your loved one gets the quality care they deserve.

It is not necessary for every patient to feel pain when they near the end of life. Hospice of the South Coast has an expert team of clinicians who will evaluate the pain suffered by their patients at every visit, ensuring they are attended to with utmost attention.

We do not force or require patients to take medications. It is important for our clinicians to educate on the medications and support the patient’s choice in whether or not they take the medications.

How do we work?

Most times, we have patients who are well aware of their pain and are fine admitting it. At Hospice of the South Coast, we have patients who feel admitting to the pain is a weakness. We also have patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer who are unable to communicate their pain.

In such cases, we make sure to look out for symptoms such as:

  1. Increase in the rate of breathing.
  2. Blinking rapidly or eyes that are closed tightly.
  3. Rigid posture of arms and legs.
  4. Pacing, fidgeting or rocking.
  5. Short tempered, aggressive behavior, or withdrawn completely.
  6. Crying, moaning and vocally seeking out help.

There are a variety of other symptoms in addition to the ones mentioned above.

When we come across patients struggling with pain, we often use medication like opioids to help block the feeling of pain. Apart from handling the physical pain, we also work on the emotional pain; such as anxiety, by using the appropriate medication(s) or addressing the spiritual needs of our patients through a chaplain if required.


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