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Nursing Home Hospice Care

The main objective behind every hospice is to care for the comfort of their patients. While some patients prefer to have hospice care in their homes, others are in a nursing home. When you are in a nursing home and you wish for hospice care, then Hospice of the South Coast offers the same to all its patients.

What can we do?

As part of our nursing home hospice care, we offer you with:

  • Visit by a hospice nurse in the nursing home at regular intervals.
  • Consultation from a specialized physician of the hospice as and when required.
  • Managing pain and other symptoms like trouble breathing or swallowing, using expert and appropriate medications.
  • Educating the staff at the nursing home and the families of the patients about the condition of the patient, medications, and symptoms to watch out for.
  • Educating the staff and the family on the best way to care for the patients.
  • Providing support both spiritually and emotionally to the patient and also to the family.
  • Any medication or medical assistance required for the patient as per their diagnosis.
  • Coordinating with doctors, insurance providers, nurses, aides, caregivers and others who are involved in the well being of the patient.

It is our constant prerogative to provide our patients with the best care wherever they are; be it in their home or in a nursing facility. Hospice of the South Coast ensures that our patients enjoy the best time in the days they are left with.


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