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On-call nurse and staff

While a clear program is drafted for every patient on their diet and medical needs, there comes a time when the patient might require some impromptu help. These kinds of unplanned visits by a nurse are taken care of with the on-call nurse and staff who strive to keep our patient’s comfort level at the forefront. Irrespective of the time of the hour and the distance, Hospice of the South Coast provides you with nurses and other staff support to reach out to you in the time of need.

What do our nurses and staff help with?

All our nurses and staff are qualified and registered for providing the necessary care to our patients.

As part of their duties:

  1. They help with replenishing any urgent medical supplies or equipment as and when the situation demands it.
  2. Ensuring additional help to deal with sudden lapses in the medical condition.
  3. Attending to the needs of the patients’ family and help advocate the needs of the patient on their behalf.
  4. Taking care of the medication and instructions as informed by the patient’s physician.
  5. Report any cause for concern to the supervisor and ensure that medical attention is provided.
  6. Contacting the family in case of emergencies.

We have an entire team of support staff at Hospice of the South Coast, to support our patients at any time of the day or night.


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