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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

We provide physical, speech and occupational therapy to those who are in need of it. Our nurses work with their patient and organize these therapies to give you the respite for body and soul.

Physical therapy

The Physical therapists at Hospice of the South Coast will start off by assessing the mobility of their patients either in their home or at the care facility where they are housed. They will evaluate the level of pain and the symptoms, before advising on the therapy options. Our physical therapists will coordinate with the care team to provide you with the best therapy to address your needs.

Speech therapy

We have experts to provide assistance with chewing or swallowing food, by suggesting diet solutions to overcome these challenges.

Occupational therapy

It is our constant effort to keep our patients independent as much as we can. When the daily routine like eating and showering becomes a challenge, we have occupational therapists to make way for a routine that can be done independently by the patient. This independence helps them to have a better quality and a higher comfort.


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