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Social Work Services

Every patient has to undergo multiple challenges in every part of their lives. There are many things that leave an impact and it is the job of the social worker to understand the patient completely and ensure that the information is passed on correctly to the team taking care of them. The objective of the social worker at Hospice of the South Coast is not about changing the patient but it is rather helping the patient and their family to deal with the situation in the best way possible. It is our endeavor to make lives comfortable for both the patient and their family.

As part of the services under social work, Hospice of the South Coast offers:

  1. Counseling on any terminal conditions faced by the patient.
  2. Facilitating communication with dear ones and ensuring that the patient and their family cope well with the situation.
  3. Providing assistance in applications to insurance providers, or disability related applications.
  4. Assistance in seeking legal aid, planning in advance, and information on other legal services like POA, living will, etc.
  5. Referring to community agencies and other institutions for in-home help, attorneys and financial aid organizations.
  6. Help with therapy on relaxation, with visualization and imagery for patients who need it.
  7. Assisting with placement in nursing facilities and assisted living communities.
  8. Emotional counseling and assisting with funeral arrangements.

Our social workers will act as your advocates vocalizing your problems and psychological needs to the family members, nursing staff, etc.


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