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Volunteer Services

Hospice care is not directed only at the patient, but also works with the patient’s family members and loved ones. We provide the necessary support and care to our patients, their family members, a team of well renowned physicians, nurses, spiritual care personnel, social workers, and of course volunteers who come into assistance. Volunteers at every hospice play a crucial role in providing the respective support to their team, while trying to make the lives of their patients comfortable. It is a rewarding opportunity for the volunteers, patients, and their family.

Volunteers at Hospice of the South Coast are well scrutinized and vetted for their qualifications and eligibility, prior to being placed in a position to take care of your needs.

As part of their services, our volunteers help with:

  • Assisting of any office work that the agency requires to be done.
  • Assisting the patients, so the family members can take a well-deserved break and catch some rest themselves.
  • Reading to patients, playing an instrument or even singing as requested.
  • Our expert volunteers also assist with other services; which will help with the situation of the patient and help aid the family.

With the Volunteers at Hospice of the South Coast, you will never feel alone.


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