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An individualized plan of care tailored to the full spectrum of needs for our patients and their families is the foundation of our hospice service.

Each patient we serve is faced with unique circumstances associated with end-of-life care. Hospice of the South Coast strives to meet those challenges and ease those burdens. Our interdisciplinary team works together with the patient and family to provide the highest quality medical care, as well as social and spiritual support. Our mission is to walk alongside those we serve to provide end-of-life care with respect and dignity.

Respite Hospice Care

Respite Hospice Care is provided by Hospice of the South Coast as…

Family Hospice Care

Family hospice care is not only for the hospice patient, but support and….

Patient Hospice Care

Hospice of the South Coast in San Diego is committed to ….

In-patient and Respite Care

Hospice of the South Coast is able to provide inpatient and respite….

Medical Supplies

Hospice of South Coast provides their patients with all medical….

Medications for Symptom and Pain Management

It is our constant objective to keep all our patients comfortable and….

Nursing Home Hospice Care

The main objective behind every hospice is to care for the …

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is as valuable to a person’s comfort, in the same….

Spiritual Care

Hospice of the South Coast respects the traditions and spiritual beliefs ….

Volunteer Services

Hospice care is not directed only at the patient, but also works with the…

Grief Counseling

It is not easy to overcome the loss of someone who is….

Certified Home Health Aides

In our lives, all of us at some point feel the need to have care needs.

Social Work Services

Every patient has to undergo multiple challenges in every part of….

Nursing Care

Every nurse in a hospice has definitive roles and responsibilities ….

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

We provide physical, speech and occupational therapy to those ….

Dietary Counseling

We employ professional dieticians to assist in the nutritional ….

On-call nurse and staff

While a clear program is drafted for every patient on their diet….

Medical Director / Physician

Every hospice has a care team to take care of each patient and….


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